Giggle IT - an international writing project for children that also includes second-language English Prep students. Any queries, Ayşe will be pleased to help.

Ministry of Education’s special issue on school librarianship. Ayşes' article is on page 106. Diane Oberg and Barabar Schultz’s is on page 121.

Autumn 2015 issue

Sep 2014 7th Ecis Triennial Conference
How to Win Over Teachers & Influence Students ebook & notes to download by Courtney Park 7th ECIS Triennial Conference

Kenneth Hennah Library Guide

ECIS 2014 Librarians Conference notesby George

Social Media Guide - language alert: fast-talking Brit for the introduction, the rest is OK.

Big 6 does a great research series called Big 6 by the Month Here is their blurb: Big6 by the Month is our comprehensive and systematic information & technology skills instructional program. In this webinar series, we work with you each month to plan and deliver a defined, predictable, measured, and reported information and technology literacy curriculum.

This is a first draft of a Policies and Procedures Manual by Karen Lindsay and Atakan Aydın. We hope it will engender some discussion and evolve into a useful document.

Diigo Bookmarking site - useful for groups and for comment

Librarything and Good Reads - online catalogue of your own reading.

Librarians Blogs - what about our own Istanbul Librarians?

Librarybond is by Amanda Bond librarian at IICS mostly about library work at IICS

Wondering at Work also by Amanda Bond mostly about Google School and Inquiry work

IICS Library Blog is written by Amanda and library assistants at IICS.

Vintage photos of librarians at work A little off topic but cute - Amanda added this.

2013 What are Kids Reading report from Renaissance Learning

Twitter for Educators: A Beginner's Guide

Weeding the Elementary School Library

EDU Screencasting - screencasting resources and examples put together by George for L-TEN presentation at RC.

BiblioNasium - great website for students to share book recommendations

The Teacher’s Guide To Digital Citizenship Cross-curricular classroom activities that align with the AASL and ISTE national academic standards.

K12 Online Online conference videos.

All About Creative Commonsand Copyright for educators. Just what it says, this LiveBinder is a librarian's goldmine.

Book Trust monthly e-magazine with reviews (k-12) interviews, information on all things book-ish. UK focus.